Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bakelite 232 Telephones Insides missing

WARNING, with reference rare 232 British Bakelite telephones like the one in the photograph below there has been a recent trend in a very worrying practice performed by some telephone restorers in the UK. This can be expensive to put right, potentially costing in excess of £60 in labour costs alone. Please see Bakelite 232 Telephone Problem Details

Bakelite 232 Telephone (No Bell Set)

I would urge you to check with whoever you are buying your telephone from that they are not doing this to the telephones as part of the restoration process.

If the speech quality of your 232 telephone is not as good as you think it should be check inside your telephone to make sure you don't have this problem first.

This removal of vital components degrades the speech quality of these telephones by approximately 75%. The telephone will still appear to work however the sound quality, usability, and compatibility with the telephone exchange is significantly reduced.


It has also been pointed out to me by a colleague that this removal will also cause permanent damage (over time) to the original telephone ear receiver, due to constant DC polarization.

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